The most dangerous leadership myth is that the leaders are born 

Linkage provides solutions that prepare your company for what’s next… or even what’s right now. We customize our approaches, processes, and tools exclusively for you. We help you develop leaders within the context of your strategy and culture, and at the same time, we provide strategic change solutions. Our solutions are formed at the crossroads where leadership, strategy, and culture meet. Linkage understands that this is where the greatest learning occurs for individuals and organizations and where companies reap the greatest return on investment. Our consultants work with you and provide results-driven solutions that make a difference. Our solutions are:

- Centered on customized approaches that meet specific client needs and challenges

- Built on innovative learning processes so that leaders learn how to lead-and how to lead change

- Infused with practical tools that are easy to access and use on a daily basis

- Provide direct and cost-effective access to our intellectual property and tools through certification and licensing options

- Designed for integrated impact that involves all levels (individual, team and organizational)

- Grounded in multi-channel research from Linkage and from the many leading- edge business thinkers connected to Linkage

Linkage can tailor approaches, processes, and tools for your needs. Our consultants work with you and provide result-driven solutions that make a difference.
   1. Customized Leadership Development 
Linkage creates and delivers customized, innovative, and dynamic experiences that are thought-provoking and transformative. Our customized leadership development solutions, combine leadership and assessment tools with applicable content and master facilitators to deliver an in-depth business experience that generates positive, lasting, and measurable results.
We help clients:
  • Build individual and organizational bench strength
  • Accelerate senior, emerging, and high-potential leadership growth
  • Drive growth with innovation and talent
  • Create and sustain an inclusive learning culture for greater results
How we do it:
Our instructional design team partners with thought leaders and industry experts around the globe to deliver customized, cutting-edge programs on critical leadership development issues. Our engagements are designed to impact individuals, teams, and organizations. Our facilitators use practical tools, case studies, action learning, self- and 360-degree assessments, giving life to the learning experience and providing practical leadership tools that make a difference.
Key components:
Personalized assessment reports— Evaluation of leadership style and its impact on others and the organization is achieved with 360-degree and personality assessments.
Guided coaching— High-potential leaders learn to address critical organizational challenges by clarifying their vision and focus.
Action learning— Leaders address critical organizational challenges by taking specific actions.
Distinctive learning experiences Simulations, case studies, proven tools, and best-practice approaches are used from around the world.
Best-in-class facilitators— Most of our faculty are also business and academic leaders with 20 or more years of experience.
   2. Leadership Coaching 
Linkage coaches work with individuals and teams at all levels of the organization to drive personal behavioral change against the backdrop of the business strategy. We help leaders align their talent and culture with key business objectives. Our Master Coaches offer powerful insights to help individuals clarify their vision and focus, so they can produce greater results. When working with teams, our coaches drive the team to execute key organizational initiatives and ensure high performance from each member.
We help clients:
  • Develop current and next-generation leaders
  • Increase individual and team productivity and leadership
  • Nurture and retain top talent
  • Increase employee satisfaction and financial performance
How we do it:
We work closely with clients, in order to understand their strategic business initiatives and the development needs of their leaders. Our coaching is highly customized and often takes place over an extended period of time for maximum impact.
We specialize in:
Executive Coaching
  • New Leadership—enables new leaders to quickly adapt and assimilate new responsibilities and accelerates their contribution to the organization.
  • Succession Coaching—furthers high-potential professional development and prepares internal candidates for higher roles within the organization.
Performance Coaching
  • High-performers—helps to fast track the development of emerging leaders, keeping them focused and performing at a high level.
  • Intervention Coaching—helps individuals identify and change ineffective behaviors that may be viewed as derailers or blind spots.
  • Development Coaching—highlights alternative behaviors and attitudes that can enhance one’s ability to increase personal and organizational productivity.
Team Coaching
  • Executive Teams—develops an organization’s leadership and management culture to align talent with key business and financial growth plans.
  • Extreme Teams—accelerates team alignment, communications, and focus to drive mission-critical objectives.

   3. Innovation

Linkage helps create organizations that can sustain the capability to innovate and “out-innovate” the competition. Using our easy-to-apply tools and techniques, your leaders and leadership teams can implement innovation processes that increase the speed of innovation with less risk. In addition, we help leaders identify key focus areas that tie innovation to short and long-term business growth.
We help clients:
  • Find opportunities for growth and develop potential new markets
  • Out-innovate the competition
  • Create operational excellence through innovation
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Re-engage employees to drive necessary change
How we do it:
We offer a variety of programs and resources that can be tailored to your organization’s culture. Our customized curriculum, combines topics such as strategic thinking, system thinking, change, high performing teams, and action learning to address real organizational opportunities.
Linkage’s proprietary Creating an Innovation-Capable Organization Assessment (CAICOA) identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s capacity to innovate in eight major areas. The assessment data is used to focus your leaders’ attention on key priority areas shown to improve innovation.
We help leaders identify and prioritize innovation-capability gaps to create and execute improvement strategies for growth. We then coach individuals and teams to use innovation processes on specific challenges and opportunities to out-innovate the competition.
   4. Change and Transition 
Our consultants have a proven track record of helping organizations effectively manage change. We work with leadership teams to clarify the business case for change, effectively communicate key messages about the change, and identify the critical variables for success. Linkage’s change management strategies have helped clients save millions of dollars, develop new business ideas, and improve the functioning of organizations and teams.
We help clients:
  • Provide a visible anchor for others in times of change
  • Resolve team breakdowns resulting from change
  • Communicate the need for change, making the connection to critical organizational objectives
  • Develop behaviors to adapt to constant and sometimes turbulent change
  • Recognize and remedy barriers to the implementation of change
How we do it:
We partner with our clients to drive strategic change initiatives forward while achieving key business objectives. Our holistic approach minimizes the negative impact that change has on leaders, leadership teams, and organizations as a whole, from communicating effectively during change to removing barriers to change. Our curriculum provides the tools and methodology to address all aspects of the change process.
Virtual learning and interactive toolkits
Linkage offers a blended learning approach including facilitator-led virtual sessions and interactive action planning toolkits to help your leaders create a detailed blueprint for change and transition.
Linkage offers targeted coaching that helps leaders gain enhanced personal awareness and equips them with insights, strategies, and skills to meet the challenges required in driving change and leading through transition. Coaching is often used for two critical groups during the change process—the key change champions driving the change process and the stakeholders involved in the initiative.