The most dangerous leadership myth is that the leaders are born 

Pathways is a Development Program for High Potential Executives, consisting of four daily sessions within a year.

Pathways is an upgrade of Linkage Network, the School of Management that took place for 5 years counting 41 meetings, 600 members from more than 50 companies. Pathways was created due to the needs of our customers for more in-depth discussion of the themes presented. 

Among the sessions, participants have the opportunity to experience three Personal Executive Coaching Sessions for an hour. 

At the same time, specific tools, that participants should use throughout their daily routines, are sent between the sessions electronically. 

The agenda of Pathways is based on the Leadership Model, High Impact Leadership Model, that Warren Bennis in cooperation with Linkage formed. Some topics that are analyzed during the sessions are Strategic Thinking, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Team Development, Coaching and more. Participants are working in groups and are practicing peer coaching.  

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