The most dangerous leadership myth is that the leaders are born 

The Nameless King is written by Artemios Miropoulos, Managing Director, Linkage Greece. 

The Nameless King is a hardcover 128 page book made of 15 stories of Leadership from Ancient Greece that link to modern corporate reality and attempt to bring value to different traits of Leadership such as building high potential teams and company culture, leading in crisis, talents and succession planning, Women Leaders and innovation.

Behaviors such as arrogance, discipline, tenacity, judgment, data mastering and problem solving, trust and injustice are brought to discussion and acquire a thrilling perspective through intriguing story telling.
The Nameless King makes you hover over unknown, intriguing aspects of history and relate them to today's reality.
Most of us have seen Leonidas kicking the Persian messengers into a well yelling This is Sparta in the movie 300. Don't you want to know what happened next? How many know that the whole Athenian army had to run the Marathon race or what's the parallel between Steve Job's Apple and Sparta or Alexander the Great and Howard Shultz's Starbucks. And most important what's in it for us today!
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